Eco Club Bamboo Tothbrush Pack of 3

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is a bamboo toothbrush? A toothbrush reinvented. Made of bamboo, not plastic, this brush helps to eliminate one of the most prevalent forms of ocean plastic pollution, plus it looks insanely chic in your bathroom and you don’t have to put plastic in your mouth two times per day.

5 billion plastic toothbrushes are produced each year, and only a fraction of those get recycled. We are here to change that. Our curved bamboo handle is easy-to-grip, naturally antibacterial, and 100% biodegradable. The straight bristle shape is designed to clean hard-to-reach places with ease. Ditch the plastic and try bamboo! 

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Product Details: 

  • Handle: 100% biodegradable Moso bamboo 
  • Bristles: BPA free Nylon 6 
  • Bristle hardness: soft-medium 

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